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The Shadow Gallery

Known issues with taking pictures of V at midnight...

Known issues with taking pictures of V at midnight...

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...or any other time of the day, actually.

I've known for quite a while that they used black cloaks for indoor shots and charcoal grey ones for "middle of the night" outdoor shots, but I didn't know to appreciate the thought that went into it until my buddies and I tried it ourselves a couple of nights ago.

Long story short - I'm glad we found some spot lights around that brick wall :D

(You know what I had in mind for this last shot, right? http://fuguestate.deviantart.com/art/Considering-92400315 :D)

As for shooting during day... let's just say that you have to be prepared to be cornered by Fingermen, ahem, police because some *constantly vigilant* citizens reported suspicios terrorist activities. No kidding.
  • Aaaaaaah! *flails ever so slightly* These are some seriously fantastic pics!
    • Aw, thank you! Altho I have to say that it was slightly anticlimactic - to have slaved over the costume's every detail for one year to realize in the end that one could barely see anything in daylight because of the enourmous cloak, and pretty much nothing in darkness because of, well, color! :D

      The heavy cloak billows really nicely, tho. I'm considering wearing it to work :p
  • These are really great! It's nice to have a little picspam in The Gallery ;)
    • Thank you, bly! I have many more photos from that night, I hope I'll get around to sorting thru them soonish so that I can post a couple more.
  • That is a fantastic job! Well done! :D

    Ahahaha oh no it's a terrorist! A terrorist dressed up just like that guy in the movie, with a bunch of people taking pictures while he poses! Run for cover!! XD

    Pretty sure that even when Anonymous goes out they only have the mask on. Also pretty sure a real terrorist wouldn't be posing for a camera, lol. I mean, okay, I get that terrorists are kind of a touchy subject these days, and that most of the general public is probably gonna be thinking of Anonymous rather than V when they see the mask, but seriously? Oh, well, just makes it extra awesome, I guess, when the cops get called in because your cosplay is too real lol.
    • Glad you liked it, thank you :)

      To be fair, that con venue neighbors the airport but seriously, people march thru there in all kinds of costumes. The police called me V (they approached from behind and I didn't notice them at first) but then they said something about Anonymous and I was all like, Dudes, dontcha see I've got a far better mask?? Pfft.

      And yeah, it's sort of funny after the fact, but it wasn't on that day. I guess I have to be grateful they didn't jump me and shove me face first in the dirt how it would've probably happened in the States :-/
      • You, sir, are my hero for this very comment of yours: "Dudes, dontcha see I've got a far better mask?? Pfft."

        Very great and amazing pictures. You really got everything down perfect. I was on my own journey of perfecting the raiment but ... ah ... I think someone had different plans for me.

        I was actually apprehended by police ... Me and some friends -- me in full raiment and the two others just wearing the mask, got stopped. I had spray painted a wall at a college. Everyone spray painted the wall in the past, I thought it was just a thing to do but, because it was me, because it probably had something to do with Vendetta, the cops were called and we were stopped. Needless to say, that very early Fifth of November was kind of ruined that year. However, it was accompanied by the most amazing cake I ever had. Ironically enough, that very same wall was spray painted over by others just ... well ... spray painting. So, what was so different about me?

        I just feel like the raiment or anything Vendetta related is ... frowned upon by society. Everyone dresses up like Batman and nobody bats an eye. A select few dress in full raiment for Vendetta and everyone loses their mind.
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