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The Shadow Gallery

Great Movie with Hugo Weaving

Great Movie with Hugo Weaving

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18th C dress
If you haven't yet seen "Cloud Atlas" then you definitely should. It's a remarkable, intricate, intelligent film with stellar performances by an incredible cast, taking place over several centuries of intertwining events. One of my favourite parts of it are the way they used the ensemble cast over and over again, playing different characters in different times, but with a common thread of the impact decisions can make on the lives of others, on a theme of slavery and freedom, running through it.

Plus the Wachowski Brothers, who did "V for Vendetta," did this one as well.

It's well worth seeing, and I mention it here because (a) I think you guys'll enjoy it, and (b) our dear Mr. Weaving plays six different characters in it, turning in (as did they all) excellent performances with each.

Do check it out!

  • I watched this movie a while ago and it was tons of fun. I didn't get what it was about at first and was already wondering what I'd be telling all those people who recommended it to me :D To all confused watchers: it gets better after the first hour :)
    They say the novel had been considered too complex to be filmed, but then the Wachowskis came... I admit I haven't read the novel but I can only wonder now how it was possible to get the point across in a book without the visual aid of the same cast in six different settings!
    I enjoyed Mr. Weaving's parts immensely. Nurse Noakes is my favorite :D
    • Nurse Noakes was amazing. XD At first I thought she must be being played by a man, but then I looked closer and decided, naw, she had to be an actual woman. That's some damned fine acting and makeup there!
      • Yep, the make-up was amazing all around! I had to look up the cast to know who's who at times :)
        Ironically, Zachry's new-new pidgin is hard for non-natives to get a handle on at first, and isn't helping the matters! :D
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