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The Shadow Gallery

New member :)

New member :)

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What Would V Do? (deux)
Welcome to Ewige Studentin! Apologies for the cobwebs, but I saw your post hinting at fic and art, and I'm looking forward to seeing it here! :D
  • I'm so sorry I didn't show you this community before! Welcome!

    *grabs a duster*

    V is somewhere around here...just need to draw him out with a little mustard.
    • I remember seeing mustard jokes somewhere... in 2009... or something. lol. Navigation is still a PITA for an LJ newbie. I guess I'll just have to read all the posts. Yeah.
      • http://f-for-fanfic.livejournal.com/567223.html#comments

        Mustard jokes stemmed from the comments in the post linked above. We were being terrible that day! Also Merc wrote a really good fic! You should read it. M for Mustard Mature.
        • You don't know what you've started! O.o
          I couldn't read the comments without reading the chapter. Couldn't read the chapter without reading the story from the very beginning. And couldn't continue reading because parts 4-8 and many others seem to be missing :( Is it even possible? Or is it just my topological cretinism spilling over to virtual reality?
          • Alas, between an outright attack on the archives and subsequent decisions of some authors to erase their work from here, the library has suffered...
            • Oh, ok. So if the story doesn't make sense after 8 missing chapters, I'll go to you for a recap :p
  • I'm glad to be here :)
    Don't know how I managed to live a full virtual life without a single post in LJ so far; gonna rectify that!
    And yeah, I am not a prolific artist/writer but I am enjoying the process immensely and I am glad there is a community to share with (even tho it's a little dusty :D )
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