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The Shadow Gallery

Anyone still here?

Anyone still here?

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Its been a long while since I was here, just wondering if anyone else is?
  • Well, sure... but what's to be here for, exactly? No one posts anymore :(
  • Still here, though the cobwebs be a bit thick...
  • Still here. Strange, that I wandered in here the day you poster. I saw the movie again yesterday and went looking around if there's still a fandom.
  • Well hey that makes 4 and thats a crowd, time for a revival I say!

    What about a revival prompt mods ;)

    ........I confess after 2 years Im back on the fanfic writing band wagon. I forgot how theraputic it can be.
    • I'll write something up! I actually actively roleplay V on a pan-fandom website. It's really weird putting him in a room with other characters, though he's still as fun to write as ever!

      Website here if you want to check it out.
    • Also a revival sounds pleasant. I'll try to write something up and post it soon.
  • Wel, what sort of fic do you write, more shippy, more adventure, angst,...?
    • Pretty much what ever comes to mind. In times past I have gone a bit more of the darker more phsycological route but I have also turned my hand to smut. I just go where it flows. At the moment Im revisiting an old unfinished series that is more shippy and fluff but its what Im enjoying.
  • I'm still here, too.
  • *rises hand* I'm still haunting the place as well~
  • I'm sort of new here. Hi ladies :) It's lovely to recognize some of the names!
    I've just read all (ALL) stories on vigilante and am currently looking for more... Also writing some v4v stories in between. One of them, a shortie, is being reviewed atm, and the other one is about 1/3 written with 30k words.
    I'm still figuring out all that LJ thing, but when I did, I am going to post some artsy stuff too.

    Edited at 2013-09-30 07:37 pm (UTC)
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