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The Shadow Gallery

V for Vendetta Kinkmeme

V for Vendetta Kinkmeme

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Bring it.

Rules of the Meme:

(credit to spam_monster for the original rule format)

1. Anonymously post a pairing and prompt you would like to see written. Since this is a kink meme, there should be a kink involved, but non-kinky prompts should work just as well. It's all about what you NEED LIKE BURNING. ;)

2. Anonymous will respond to your post and write it for you! Art and such is also acceptable/awesome.

3. If you post a request, try to fill one too. We don't want this to be all prompts and no responses.

4. No flaming other peoples posts. Don't like, don't read.

5. Crossovers, Rule 63, crack!fic, etc. are all fair game.

6. Multiple responses are allowed - nay, encouraged - for prompts. Create… CREATE, I SAY!!! (*cough*. Erm.)

Above all, have fun!

(Questions? Ask here.)

Handy-dandy technical info:

- You can be logged in and make an anonymous post. Just click the "More Options" link below the comment window and select "Anonymous" instead of "Logged in user".

- If you are leaving anonymous (or logged in) comments to a fill, BE SURE TO USE THE "REPLY" OPTION and NOT "LEAVE A COMMENT". Otherwise your response will not be attached to the entry you're responding to.

- You will not see updates to this thread in your f-list. To do so, you must click the "Track This" icon in the entry. (This Link should be the correct one. Let me know if it isn't.)
  • (Anonymous)
    Request a V/Evey blade fetish fic. The scarier and racier, the better - one or both character's kinks should be out of control.
    • (Anonymous)
      The blade's coolness kisses her shoulder and she shudders, yearning toward it. It's too soon, though, she knows - she needs to earn its presence. The blindfold is redundant; she would not spoil this with something so mundane as watching. She wants to feel the blade, sense the way it charges the air near her skin before it descends.

      The tip teases along her collarbone and she sighs in wanting. Her hands, open-palmed near her head, flex restlessly as cool hardness touches here, then there, never resting, always promising. Again and again it teases, until the steel takes on the warmth of her own body. She writhes, small whimpers welcoming each return as she thinks please.

      Slowly, slowly, a smooth caress along the inside of her thigh. She arches up and oh, at last the sting as it marks her flesh. A tongue follows to collect her offering as the blade moves to describe a red-bedewed whorl over her hip. More, her flesh screams, needing to open itself, to set itself free and

      she wants, oh god, she wants, and the world is a length of steel and the smell of copper, it's the dark and the sound of two names being gasped and it's so close she can--

  • (Anonymous)
    V/Fate smut. Either a fic or art. Want to explore V's attraction for something/someone that doesn't have physical form and is tied to his revolutionary desire.
  • (Anonymous)
    Request a fic involving submissive V. Any pairing, any form of submission.
  • (Anonymous)
    Love out of character. So lets the imagination free...
  • (Anonymous)
    Finch/Dominic - Fic or art - I want something revolving around Dominic taking care of Finch. Smoopness welcome!
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