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The Shadow Gallery

"Good evening, London..."

"Good evening, London..."

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Red V
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Greetings, All.

I have been sorely remiss in my duties here, but given the subject matter of this community, I can't in good conscience remain entirely silent regarding current events, which have rendered what was once a cautionary tale into a near-prophecy.

Below, I am placing some links that may be of use to members, or perhaps to people you know. As I find them, I will continue to post more.

There is ample opportunity for discussion of both the graphic novel and movie adaptation of V for Vendetta; while it doesn't necessarily need to be "fun", it does need to remain non-abusive. Please use your best judgement.

As I find them and can make scans, I'll be posting various "moments" from V for Vendetta for community inspiration, discussion, contemplation, etc. You are, I hope obviously, all welcome to do the same.

And so, Adieu.

Post-Election Help Resources (That you don't have to have money for)
- Includes links for Mental Health, Human Rights, and Peaceful Protest

How to protect yourself legally as an LGBTQI, poly, or nontraditional family

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