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Happy holidays!

Happy holidays!

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V wishes you peaceful and uneventful holidays, with plenty of time to curl up on a couch with a nice book :)

  • To you as well! ^_^
    • Thank you :)
      I finished the book in one day O.o and I think V wouldn't be able to put it down either :)
      Also, I think I have to wash that wig...
  • Merry Christmas, guys!!

    Years ago, back in Grade 8, I bought with my very own money a lovely boxed set of my favourite book, The Lord of the Rings. I read it until it was falling apart, and it went away to college with me, and I've had it for years--until just a few years ago, when most of the dogs, in an effort to circumnavigate an obstacle, climbed the bookcase, destroying completely about a third of the books therein.

    We don't have those dogs anymore.

    But they got my LoTR (and most of the Pratchetts, grr)! D: But this Christmas I got a lovely cloth-covered, hard-bound, special 50th anniversary, re-set collector's edition. So, yay! Books for Christmas! :D Plus, I got my LoTR back. :DDDDD

    Merry Christmas. :D <3
    • Sounds like a great edition! I hope you have a sturdy bookcase for it now :)
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