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Happy 5th!

Happy 5th!

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I can't believe it's been one year since I first watched the movie.
I remember my better half watching it on German TV. I was there halfheartedly, watching an odd scene while actually doing something else. It's the end of the movie that got me hooked - had V lived, I wouldn't have scrambled for the DVD first thing next morning.

It was the beginning of a wonderful journey.

I think I'd spent the first two months watching the movie. It turned out to be so much better in original than in any of my native languages.
Then somebody persuaded me to read the comic. It might have been wednesday, but I think there were multiple culprits to blame. I still have the book by my desktop - for handy reference if needed, and to sniffle between the pages :p

Some time later I felt I couldn't do without a V costume. It had to be not just any costume, mind you. Screen accuracy was the goal. It is also the reason the costume is still in making O.o

I began with the daggers. It was a terrible mistake! Official NECA replicas are terrible for a very good reason: the shape doesn't really lend itself to be cast of rubber. But I didn't know it in the beginning and valiantly tried to replicate my Windlass dagger:

€200 in rubber and three months later, I was a happy owner of one dozen of more or less mishappen daggers!
I was able to pick six that looked the part, even though the blades were so flexible that I didn't dare to *put* them anywhere - they are still hanging from a custom rack in my kitchen (amusing my guests to no end).

Here's my gallery of shame for your amusement:

The one at the top makes me laugh every time I see it. It's V's pocket knife :p
Needless to say, I've learned A LOT about silicone, polyurethane and casting stuff during that time.

The belt buckle came next.
Had some cut of stainless steel and polished to shimmer:

My pal Jay made a tailored belt pattern for me:

The curved shape is important to be able to carry all six daggers (their crossguards are not small, I tell you!) even if you are a skinny girl.
A leather worker has been commissioned to make the belt.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to cut dagger holders out of a thick alu sheet:

They (and their brethren) are yet to be polished but I learned more than I ever wanted to know about working with a fret saw :-/

Around that time, I acquired (absolutely accidentally, of course) a V-shaped burn mark on my upper arm O.o
(It was very superficial but I don't insert it as a picture anyway).
I can only say: extreme ironing. Not.

Then I made a hat out of cardboard to estimate the size of felt I'd be needing for a real one:

(The wig is not tidy yet, sorry about that.)
You know, the brim of that hat is GINORMOUS. But it provides very pretty shadow :)
The local hatmaker can make a screen accurate hat but man, it will cost me a pretty penny :-/ So I still haven't given up on trying to make it myself.

Here's my cloak - a work in progress:

Did you know that the infamous clasp was just a bra adjuster in the movie? And a pretty ancient one at that! I am still going to write a fic where Evey disses V because of that :p

And last but not least - my most recent achievement! I was very happy to have found the right mesh for the eyes and mouth:

So this is how I've spent my first V4V year.

Throw in some V4V doodling and constant writing and you will be able to imagine that my whole family, friends and co-workers are KEENLY aware of my most recent, er, hobby. Even though costume making takes time, it was even more fun with them by my side :)

I hope I will be able to finish the costume during the next year and post better pictures here then.

  • WOW! Such wonderful attention to detail, and I love process images (even when they're things that didn't quite work out at first ;D ) Fantastic job!
    • Why thank you, Maestro! *giggle*
      It's amazing what people I met and how much I learned about the movie too by making the costume. The stuff I posted is just what I made my hands dirty with... but there is so much research and sourcing going on too. It's very time-consuming but also very gratifying.

      May I ask you something else? I can't seem to be able to tag any of my posts, even with the existing tags. Is it something that you do for everybody, or should I get a regular LJ profile to be able to do that?
      • It's probably only something you can do through LJ. You're actually the first person I've seen post through Facebook! xD
        • Yeah, laziness makes inventive... Okay, I'll turn to the dark side and get a real account soonish.
          • LOL! Well, don't worry about more than just the free account - LJ really isn't known for its customer satisfaction...
            • Yep, I can tag now. Even tho I am not very fond of my new name. Oh well. Thank you for your help!
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