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The Shadow Gallery

A Swiffer - as promised

A Swiffer - as promised

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I've been here for a week and already made acquaintance with W and Thorn O.o *still frazzled*
So I think it's time to post something - to normalize my breathing pattern :) , but also because I promised some art a couple of days ago.

This pic was doodled for a friend who survived a vacation without internet access.
(now to figure out how a cut works...)

  • *snerk*! A long year, indeed - V, what on earth are you doing without 4G--? xD
    • Well, I can imagine he dumped unconsious Evey in his room and ran off to unplug his router... lock the gelignite... hide the toys...
      There must be a fic somewhere about everything V did while Evey was still unconscious :p
  • Instagram could be his downfall!
    First World problems that the original author did not think about at all.


    • Teehee! Can't take my eyes off your avatar! So clever and funny :)
      Glad you liked this little piece of silliness - and it's great to see you around!
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