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The Shadow Gallery

"You and me against the world ..."

"You and me against the world ..."

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One last look
I know it's been dreadfully long since last I've posted here. It's been so long that I had forgotten my own username. Oi ... but I've been still writing, still creating. I've a few things to share but first, I would like to share my latest picture. I can't say it's photoshop anymore, as the photoshop that I used to have won't install right on my newer laptop, so I had to resort to Gimp. I am very proud of this. One thing hasn't changed: I still create at the height of my despair and sorrow -- and this is what culminated. It's something that I *had* to create because issues outside of this place were really getting to me -- old and new vexations eating away at me. But upon making this, it heavily cheered me up and it really got me into the Christmas spirit. 

You and Me - Original
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